Top 10 free useful Google Chrome Extensions

According to Stat Counter, the Google Chrome browser is the most used browser in the world and Chrome Extensions give you a proper solution single online technology. It is fast, has got a clean interface and easy synchronization with your mobile devices. So it is easy to understand why it is so popular among users. However, this browser also has many useful  Chrome Extensions on the Chrome Store. We have made a list of the best extensions.

Top 10 Chrome extensions

chrome extensions

Top 10 free useful Google Chrome Extensions


1. Chrome Data saver
Saving or compression of data for a more efficient surfing of the web is not new. It has even been integrated into some browsers like Opera. However, Chrome users can now also benefit from bandwidth savings, with the use this Data Saver extension. This free Chrome extension uses the Google servers in compressing web pages before they are sent to your devices, which leads to a huge data saving. For security sake, pages that are transmitted via HTTPS or Incognito are not compressed.

2. Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus is one of the most popular Chrome extensions. It allows you to clean your web pages by removing those ad clutters from web pages and wherever they are. The free add-on blocks different types of ads, including pop-ups, animated ads, Facebook ads, pop-under, etc. Besides, there is a very sophisticated level of protection against malware and tracking. This Plugin does not completely block web ads. There are many ads regarded as acceptable and do not interfere with your surfing experience.

3. Earth View from Google Earth
The extension displays a nice image view from the Google earth satellite, this it does whenever you open a new tab. Depending on your choice, you might save the image to be used as a wallpaper, share on Facebook or other social networks, and might even view it on Google maps. You can also access Google apps from this screen.

4. Session Buddy
This plugin is very easy and ideal. What it does is to remind you of all your sessions. Just tap on it when you need it, and it does its job. Once you install it, you might as well forget about it.

5. Blur
Blur is a service made by Abine. It works like a credit card masker, email anonymizer, password manager. These functions are in a single handy package in this Chrome Extensions. You can create and store your secure passwords. Then this service synchronizes the passwords stored on your desktop and iOS devices to help ease usage. For all the trackers out there, blur has a tracker block.

6. unlock origin
This is another powerful Chrome extension to block those contents that interrupt your browsing over the web. With this plugin, you can effectively block ads being served to you. The plugin is also popular for its lower CPU memory consumption. This extension makes complete sense.

7. StayFocusd
We all get distracted while using the computer through the day. The stay focus extension helps us limit how distracted we are. Especially those article blogs and social sites like Facebook and others. You are allowed to set the Chrome Extension to allow you enjoy these things in a limited way. Or avoid them altogether. You can set time restrictions on some selected web sites. It is absolutely as you desire.

8. Google Dictionary
It takes only a second to open a new tab to visit your favorite dictionary site, or Google search, however, with the dictionary extension, all you need do is to highlight the particular word you want to find its meaning. And click on the dictionary icon, and the meaning is revealed to you. When no words are selected, you can also search for the meaning of words, by clicking on the dictionary to do a word search.

9. Rapporteur
This extension gives you a heads up about the people you are communicating with via Gmail. It is very simple to use and also free.
Upon the installation of this extension, it reveals the public information of whoever you have on Gmail (it doesn’t matter if you sent or receive mail from the person). All the necessary information is displayed on the sidebar. It can also show if you are both linked on social media. What more? This plugin is free.

10. SpeakIt
This cool extension adds a nice text to speech technology. This it uses to read the selected texts, and it auto detects language. All you need do is to tap the keyboard shortcut or hit the extension button, and this Chrome Extension reads it out aloud. The speed, voice, and others can be customized by the user.
These are ten amazing chrome extensions, what are those cool extensions you have used and what are those you can’t stop using? Share with us.


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