How To Make Run First Your Computer,Laptop 5 Minute

Generally, everyone is comfortable with using high-speed computers, But computers have lost their speed due to long time working and playing games in computers. rbonlinecareer give you a short solution for run first your computer generally.


Run First Your Computer


How to remove your temp ,%temp%,recent ,prefetch file and run chkdsk , and run tree in your computer

When we want to know about simple tips and tricks for our computer . Then we  have to know firstly installing  the operating system . After installing the operating system we have to maintain some tips and tricks for better performance for  our computer. Here the some tips and tricks :

  1. Click taskbar -> Right click the mouse and click properties -> click Start Menu -> customize -> Select the Run checkbox from different menu item
  2. Apply -> Ok
  3. Again click Start -> Run -> Recent -> Ctrl +A -> Shift +delete -> Ok
  4. Click Start ->Run -> %temp%-> Enter -> Ctrl +A -> Shift +delete ->OK
  5. Click Start -> Run -> Prefetch -> Enter -> Ctrl +A ->Shift +delete -> Ok
  6. Click Start -> Run -> chkdsk  ->Ok

There have some  another way to perform computer effectively. Using anti virus and use computer effectively can run fast computer eventually.


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