Computer performance Identifying the problem how to solve it

How can you improve your computer performance

Increasing Computer performance is an effective issue in our daily life.If the performance of the computer is best then we will be satisfied our work in the computer.

computer performance

Most of the computer is slow using unlicensed windows operating system. If we install windows operating system on our computer, after some days we can observe that our computer is slowed. Why would it be solved?

The answer is we have to use licensed windows operating system. Another way to solve it we can use Linux operating system for better performance.

Some reason has for slow of our computer, that’s are :

  1. It would be back dated processor
  2. RAM (Random Access Memory) is slow or RAM memory size is not enough.
  3. Mother board be un branded
  4. Processor cooling fan is not running properly
  5. Power supply can not produce enough power in computer mother board
  6. Processor quality is normal
  7. Operating system’s installing period is long
  8. Operating system installation has not properly etc

If we can solve this problem in time the computer performance must be increased.


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